Across The Causeway

polymer clay accessories handmade with love in the 956

Upcoming Launch: January 28th 2023

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January 3rd & 17th (Tuesdays)

•Market Days at SPIGC• 

1st & 3rd Tuesday of Each Month

1 Ocelot Trail Road, Laguna Vista, TX



  • Daleth S.

    "Absolutely gorgeous earrings! I
    am in love!"

  • Alyssa G.

    "I LOVE these earrings!
    As a teacher, I always go to my
    AcrossTheCauseway collection
    because it always brightens up
    my outfit & is so lightweight and
    comfortable to wear all day! I
    couldn't recommend these
    earrings enough."

  • Tiffany F.

    "Beautiful earrings and great
    quality! I always love when my
    Across the Causeway earrings

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ATC Styled

Meet The Maker

I’m Samantha! Born & raised in South Texas, I love the culture and coastal atmosphere that surrounds me. So here I remain, some twenty-odd years later, where I share a cozy home with my husband, our newborn daughter, and our two cats (Hennessey & Lashley). We are very excited to have just tied the knot this December after 8 years of dating, and 4 years of home ownership! When I’m not in my studio making your new favorite pair of earrings (or busy juggling mom duties LOL), I enjoy gardening, fine foods, and oddly enough, organization. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about me, and joining me on this journey.